Door Hinge Manufacturer---Are You Still Worrying About Door Hin


    If you are looking for indoor door hinge manufacturer- please read carefully! ! !
    Due to the low prices, I am a little reluctant to buy these products. I have replaced the internal door handles with rubbed bronze, but sadly, the painter is still keeping our original golden hinges, and he painted them when he painted the interior of our house. I initially started removing them, sanding them and repainting them to make them look good again. This is very time consuming. Then, I came across these things--door hinge, so I decided to give it a try. If I am not satisfied with the purchase, I will return it for free, which is a safe attempt. I can say that these door hinges are not cheap garbage. The quality, look and feel of door hinges are more expensive as hinges. Comes with all the necessary screws, they are very easy to install. If you are looking for indoor hinges, then you will be satisfied with this choice. If I am not so determined on value and quality, then I will not take the time to review this project.
    Replaced all my tarnished brass hinges in a 25-year old house. Now, the nickel finish matches exactly with my new nickel door handles and latches.
    The door hinge is easy to install. Just make sure you target them correctly. You can easily put the hinge pin down instead of up, and/or you can install it upside down to prevent the door from closing.
    Once you have the first right, the rest is easy.
    There is no reason to remove the door! Just replace the door hinge one by one. I start with the middle one, then the top, then the bottom. No help needed.
    The door hinge is a great product and a very good price!
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