What Is The Structure Of Sliding Lock


    When it comes to hanging wheels, I believe most people are very new to it.
    In daily home life, it is widely used in sliding lock, glass doors and aluminum frame doors. One door can distinguish work and entertainment, study and rest, public and private, and effectively solve the problem of decreasing living space. The problem. But because most people are very unfamiliar with this concept, it is easy to be overlooked when decorating and purchasing. However, whether the sliding door at home is easy to use, 80% is reflected by the hardware, especially the sliding lock, the most important thing.

    In daily life, have you ever tried to close the door with a "bang", but accidentally clamped your hand? If a family member sleeps or is in a quiet office, they must be careful when opening and closing the door, for fear of closing the door too loudly to noisy others?
    The sliding lock adopts an excellent buffer hydraulic cylinder that is far higher than the industry standard. The buffer damping is smooth and smooth. The buffer door can be tilt and turn to avoid collision with the door frame and prevent hand pinching, ensuring home safety. And with the theme of high-quality zinc alloy, the surface treatment process is exquisite, anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance. In addition, its service life can be up to 200,000 times after strict laboratory environment testing. According to the switch 20 times a day, it can be used for more than 20 years and is durable.
    The hanging wheel is the key to the sliding door switch. If it is not selected and used for a short period of time, it will be damaged, and the sliding door cannot be carried out well. Besides, the installation of the sliding door hanging wheel is also a technical task. Improper installation of sliding door hanging wheels will not only damage our sliding door, but also affect our quality of use. There are three structures for the hanging of the top-fixed hanging wheel, which are: formal installation, side insertion, and side insertion on the rail adjustable. At the same time, the side is inserted in the rail adjustable structure, and the connecting screw can be adjusted by the hexagonal wrench to lift it relative to the hanging wheel, thereby driving the door leaf up and down, adjusting the gap between the door leaf and the guide rail, and making it easy to move the door leaf Adjust the distance between the guide rail.