Classification Of Door Locks---Sliding Lock


    Door locks are an indispensable hardware product for every family, it is directly related to our personal and property safety, so many people will choose good quality products when they buy. Nowadays, the door locks on the market have various styles and uneven quality, so many people don't know how to choose. So what are the door lock styles? How to choose a door lock? Next, let me introduce you to the relevant content, let’s take a look
    What are the door lock styles
    1. Electronic model, it has an alarm function, can be used directly by entering the password, it is very convenient and has higher security performance.
    2. Sliding lock, which is a commonly used type before. According to the material, it can be divided into copper, iron, etc. There are many specifications, including 15 mm, 20 mm, 30 mm, and 50. Millimeters and sixty millimeters, etc.
    3. Drawer lock, according to its material, it can be divided into set copper type and full copper type, and its specifications are mainly divided into 22.5 mm and 16 mm.
    4. The marble type, which can be subdivided into single insurance type, multiple insurance type, etc. There are many styles of locks, including mortise locks, ball locks, color locks, electric control locks, handle locks, train locks, marine locks, etc.
    Points to note when choosing a door lock: First of all, you must choose a regular business, preferably one that has been filed with a public security agency, so that the safety is relatively high and the product quality is more guaranteed. Don't buy it from a small vendor for cheap. If the product is not guaranteed, some malicious vendors may also have spare keys, which is very dangerous.
    Secondly, when choosing a product, pay attention to its anti-theft function. It is best to have moisture-proof and sun-proof properties, so that it has a longer service life. Observe whether the design of the product is complicated, whether it can tilt and turn well, and judge the performance of the product from the teeth of the key. If the teeth are more complicated and arranged differently, it indicates that the anti-theft performance is good.