Do You Know The Use Of Wood Auger Drill Bit


    Wood Auger Drill Bit can be divided into:

    1. Three-pointed drill: carpenter's three-pointed drill, which is suitable for general wood drilling, screw hole, log tenon hole, etc. Three-pointed drill should be the best tool for drilling wood, which is easy to locate and does not move, and the price will be different according to different materials.

    2. Twist drill: Twist drill is generally used to drill metals, different metals and materials.

    3. Flat drill: Flat drill is equivalent to scraping, because there is only one piece of metal bit, which is perpendicular to wood, so it is equivalent to the function of scraper, which can be handled by softwood, but not hardwood.

    4. A gong drill, with two blades, one is responsible for rounding, which is equivalent to chiseling, the other blade is responsible for shoveling materials, and a small screw in the middle is used to locate the center of the circle. The holes drilled by the gong drill are neat, burr-free, and the drilling speed is fast. Generally, gong drills are relatively long and are used to drill deep holes.

    Attention should be paid during operation: because the contact surface between the drill body and wood is large, the heat generated by friction is relatively large. If it is hard wood, it often smokes. If the drill bit is not taken out in time for cooling, the drill bit will even anneal and become harder.

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