HSS Cobalt Drill Bit Description

  • When using the product, in order to avoid potential safety accidents, please pay attention to the following safety regulations:

    (1) Read the operating instructions carefully before using this product.

    (2) During operation, please wear work clothes, safety glasses, helmets, etc.; loose clothes and gauze gloves are strictly prohibited to avoid danger.

    (3) In the high-altitude working environment, please ensure that the machine is fixed and the safety chain is used for the operation.

    (4) When working in wet or rainy weather, please pay attention to safety precautions against leakage.

    (5) It is forbidden to use this product in flammable and explosive areas.

    (6) If the drill bit is stuck, please turn off the motor immediately.

    (7) Before changing or disassembling the drill bit, it must be done with the power plug of the drill unplugged.

    (8) It is forbidden to touch by hand when the drill bit is rotating.

    Processing range: drilling operations on steel plates, steel pipes, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and various non-metallic materials of various materials.

    Cutting regulations: cutting fluid internal cooling processing operation (internal injection type).

    Use: start drilling, adjust the appropriate speed, make sure the bottom of the drill magnetic base is clean before starting up, first turn on the magnetic base switch and then the motor switch, the motor is running while turning on the coolant switch, and slowly feed until the cutting is stable (the depth is about 1-2mm or so), increase the feed speed with appropriate force, but do not use excessive force.

    After turning the hole, turn off the motor switch and wait for the spindle to stop rotating, then use the iron hook to remove the iron filings wound on the body before continuing the operation.

    When drilling, pay attention to the following situations:

    (1) The chip evacuation is not smooth or the iron chips are in powder form. It is necessary to check whether the iron chips are entangled too much and affect the chip evacuation and should be removed in time, or check whether the cutting edge of the product is worn and dulled and replaced with new products in time.

    (2) If the spindle stops rotating, in order to avoid damaging the blade, please turn off the motor, turn it in the reverse direction for about 1mm, and then return to the motor.

    (3) If you find that the round core cannot be discharged, please use a non-metal rod to avoid the blade and gently tap the body until the core pops out.

    (4) When drilling holes on multiple boards, without drilling through one layer, remove the round core and winding iron filings before proceeding.

    (5) When working on difficult-to-process materials, the product must be sufficiently cooled due to excessive heat generation, so as to extend the service life of the product.

    The above is the instruction of HSS Cobalt Drill Bit.