HSS Cobalt Drill Bit (Cobalt Drill)

  • HSS in the HSS Cobalt Drill Bit is high-speed steel, which is a tool steel with high hardness, high wear resistance and high heat resistance, also known as high-speed tool steel or high-speed steel, commonly known as white steel. High-speed steel cutters are tougher and easier to cut than ordinary cutters.

    Titanium-plated drill bits are also high-speed steel titanium-plated. Titanium-plated steel drill bits: extremely high hardness (hardness can reach HRC78, provided that real industrial plating is required, not the decorative plating)

    1. The hardness of high-speed steel is between HRC51-55, and the workpiece cannot be drilled after the hardness reaches HRC35. After titanium plating, the hardness of the drill bit can reach about HRC68, and the workpiece can be drilled to HRC48;
    2. After the drill bit is plated with titanium, the wear resistance and high temperature resistance are significantly improved, which increases the life of the drill bit
    3. After the drill bit is plated with titanium, the color is like gold and the appearance is beautiful
    4. After the drill bit is plated with titanium, the factory can increase the price a lot, increasing the profit of the factory
    5. The titanium-plated drill bit can reduce the red hotness of the drill bit and increase the drilling progress of the drill bit

    The point is that more than 95% of the titanium-plated drill bits on the market are fake, because most of the propaganda titanium-plated drill bits are only decorative plating, just to achieve the effect of the color of the titanium-plated drill bit, so in order to distinguish between these two kinds of titanium-plated drill bits, fake It's called decorative plating,and it is really called industrial coating.