Basic Information Of Bi-Metal Hole Saws

  • I believe there will be fewer people who have heard of the Brad point drill bit , but there should be only one or two exercises at home. Today, I will tell you how to sharpen the drill bit.

    1. Make the chisel blade shorter, but it cannot be repaired. This can reduce the feed resistance.
    2. Take this opportunity to shorten the edge of the chisel and try to improve the negative rake angle of the chisel edge. Increasing the rake angle can reduce the cutting force and ease the difficulty of drilling.
    3. Use a larger variable relief angle to reduce frictional resistance and make the drill lighter.
    4. Generally, the feed pressure of the electric drill is insufficient. Properly reducing the apex angle will increase the positive pressure of the cutting edge on the cutting surface. But too small will affect the rake angle of the cutting edge.
    5. For holes with loose diameter and roughness requirements, the slight imbalance of the two cutting edges can be properly maintained. The diameter of the hole drilled in this way is slightly larger, which reduces the friction between the blade and the hole wall.

    It is also true that twist drills are commonly used drilling tools in machining. Although its structure is simple, it is not easy to sharpen it. The key is to master the methods and techniques of sharpening. If you master these methods, you can solve the problem.

    Bi-metal hole saws are available in M3 and M42 materials. After quenching and tempering, the hardness reaches HRC64~65, and the toughness is good. Used for steel plate, iron plate, aluminum alloy, etc. Can be cut, including stainless steel. All processed metal, wood, nail wood, plastic, chemical fiber glass, gypsum board, fiberboard and composite materials. The standard cutting depth is 1-1/2 inches, and it can cut workpieces with a size of 2 * 4'S. No need to configure other axes for operation. The most important thing is that it basically does not require grinding, and the operation is simple and convenient.