How To Sharpen Wood Auger Drill Bit Better

  • wood auger drill bit is almost a tool used in daily life by every family. After using wood drill bits for a long time, our drill bits will become very dull. How to make drilling rigs fast and durable?

    First, we need to shorten the chisel, but we cannot repair it. The feed resistance can be reduced. Second, take the opportunity to shorten the edge of the chisel and try to improve the negative rake angle of the chisel edge. Increasing the rake angle at this position reduces the cutting force and makes the drill lighter. Then use a larger variable relief angle. Reduce friction resistance and make drilling brisk. Then reduce the vertex angle. Usually, the feed pressure of the electric drill is insufficient. Properly reducing the top angle will increase the positive pressure of the cutting edge on the cutting surface, which is the same as the V-belt drive. But too small will affect the rake angle of the cutting edge. Finally, the hole has less stringent requirements on diameter and roughness, and the two cutting edges can be properly kept slightly unbalanced. The diameter of the hole drilled in this way is slightly larger, which reduces the friction between the blade and the hole wall.

    When grinding HSS cobalt drill bit or other drills, although we can refer to a lot of information or learn from the experience of others, we can still learn from practice. Only experiments can really solve the problem. Therefore, drill grinding is also a process of accumulating experience.