The Historical Development Of HSS And HSS Cobalt Drill Bit

  • High-speed steel is commonly used in drills, taps, saw blades, hobs, gear shapers, broaches, and other precision tools. It is especially suitable for manufacturing complex thin-edged and impact-resistant metal cutting tools. For example, HSS cobalt drill bit is one of the high-speed steel applications, but the HSS cobalt drill bit is also a cobalt drill bit.

    The development of high-speed steel tools in the past 100 years can be roughly divided into two halves. The first half-century is the glory of high-speed steel tools. High-speed steel is used to manufacture almost all kinds of tools to realize various cutting processes. However, with the continuous improvement of the mechanical properties of various processed materials, high-speed steel is gradually difficult to resist. In 1923, the emergence of cemented carbide increased the cutting speed to more than one hundred to several hundred meters per minute, and its hardness was higher, and it could cut materials that could not be processed by high-speed steel. However, due to the greater brittleness of cemented carbide, it could The workability is poor, so it can only replace high-speed steel in part of the processing range, and it has not shaken the dominance of high-speed steel for a long time.

    The history of wood auger drill bit is longer than that of high-speed steel. Woodworking existed in the early days. Later, for convenience, woodworking tools appeared slowly, and then there were wood drill bits.