Two Technical Requirements Of Threading ToolsWhether you are a

  • Whether you are a project manager or a construction worker, you must master certain construction techniques. Stringing is a technical job, not a rough job, so understand the process requirements to facilitate your management. Today we both look at the two technical requirements of threading tools .

    The cable is numbered according to the computer's flat icon, and each label corresponds to a line, and the corresponding room and socket location cannot be mistaken. The labels on the two ends are 25 cm away from the end, and light-colored plastic tape is attached. Use an oil-based pen to write the labels or stickers on the quality label, and then wrap the transparent tape. Also, from the end of the distribution frame to the entrance of the distribution cabinet every 1 meter, use an oil-based pen to write a label on the cable sheath.

    Thread spare cables at a rate of 3%. The spare cables are placed in the main bridge frame, with at least one spare cable per layer.

    The above are two of the technical requirements for threading tools. For more details, please visit cutting tools wholesale .