Cable Laying Inspection Of Threading Tools

  • Non-professionals are not allowed to use threading tools in the past. It is not that threading tools are not good enough, but that in the process of using threading tools, there will be various precautions and various problems. However, the current threading tools are much easier to use than the previous threading tools. However, there are no reductions in the necessary steps.

    In the process of using threading tools, we need to use them following the instructions or personal experience. Before use, the cable laying needs to be checked accordingly.

    (1) Check the threading report including the length scale and test results.

    (2) On-site inspection of cable trunks, grouping, and binding conditions, spot checks on labels, scales, and spot checks for on-off.

    (3) After the inspection is completed, submit it to the supervisor for review and acceptance.

    The above is the inspection work of cable laying. After using threading tools, remember to perform maintenance checks on threading tools. For more details, please visit cutting tools wholesale .