Wood Auger Drill Bit Grinding Sequence

  • Many people almost have wood auger drill bit or other drill bits. It is easy to buy a drill bit, but the maintenance and maintenance after buying it is a big project, especially the process of grinding the drill bit, which requires carefulness and patience.

    When we sharpen a drill, we have to grind the back from the cutting edge. After the cutting edge touches the grinding wheel, the main cutting edge should be ground back, that is, the cutting edge of the drill starts to touch the grinding wheel, and then slowly grinds down the entire flank surface. When the drill bit cuts in, you can lightly touch the grinding wheel, first perform a smaller amount of sharpening, and pay attention to the uniformity of the sparks, adjust the pressure on the hand in time, and pay attention to the cooling of the drill bit. , And to the edge annealing. When the cutting edge temperature is found to be high, the drill bit should be cooled in time.

    It is not difficult to grind the drill bit, but it is not a simple thing to say that it is simple. The simple reason is that it is possible to grind casually, but it will damage the drill bit and shorten the life of the drill bit. It is difficult to say because, to grind the drill, both the angle and the order of grinding are very important. A wrong step may cause damage to the drill, so every step needs to be very careful. Whether it is a wood auger drill bit or HSS cobalt drill bit or other tools, maintenance is required. Follow-up work must be done well to protect the tool to the greatest extent and extend its service life.