The Structure Of The Grease Gun

  • High Pressure Grease Fitting is one of our products. Often used with a grease gun, what is a grease gun?
    Grease gun is a hand tool for filling mechanical equipment with grease. It can be equipped with iron barrel (iron gun head) or hose (flat gun head) fuel nozzle. For the refueling position, where the space is convenient, the iron barrel (iron spear head) can be used, and the refueling position is concealed, and the hose (flat spear head) must be used for refueling at corners. This product has many advantages such as simple operation, convenient carrying and wide range of use. It is an indispensable tool for the majority of agricultural machinery operators and maintenance centers.
    Structure and composition
    The grease gun consists of a handle, a gun head, a barrel, and a handle. The fuel nozzle can be divided into two types: pointed mouth and flat mouth. The accessories are divided into two types: hose and hard tube. The inside of the barrel is made up of a cup, spring, and steel ball. , Exhaust screws and other components.
    There are different types of grease guns, such as pneumatic grease gun, manual grease gun, foot grease gun, and electric grease gun.
    Used for equipment maintenance, adding lubricating grease to the bearings of the equipment running parts
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