How To Clean The Butter Nozzle Joint

  • The Grease Nipple Coupler is one of our waterproof materials. The grease nipple is the pressure oil cup, which is the simplest way of mechanical lubrication. Divided into: straight-through pressure injection cup, joint pressure injection cup, screw cap pressure injection cup. Used to connect the grease gun and mechanical equipment.

    Precautions for cleaning the butter nozzle:

    1. It is best to beat butter once a month. Otherwise, the shaft pin will be completely rusted and will not be able to move at all. Basically, it is because the operator doesn't take the butter seriously.
    2. The gap between the oil seal and the pin sleeve has entered objects such as sand and gravel during construction. The gap between the gaps should generally be wrapped tightly with iron wire, plastic hose, car inner tube, etc.
    3. Clean up the impurities, sand and dust, and then install the new parts.