Introduction To The Principle Of Injection Pump

  • The Injection Pump Machine is composed of a stepping motor and its driver, a screw rod and a bracket, etc. It has a reciprocating screw rod and nut, so it is also called a screw pump. The nut is connected with the piston of the syringe, and the liquid medicine is contained in the syringe to realize high-precision, smooth and pulsation-free liquid transmission. When working, the single-chip microcomputer system sends out control pulses to make the stepping motor rotate, and the stepping motor drives the screw rod to turn the rotary motion into linear motion, pushing the plunger of the syringe for injection and infusion, achieving high-precision, smooth and pulsation-free liquid transmission. The injection speed can be set by the operator through keyboard operation. After the syringe pump is started, the CPU provides the motor drive voltage by means of D/A conversion. The motor rotation detection circuit is a group of photoelectric coupling circuits that generate pulse signals through the rotation of the motor, and this pulse signal is fed back to the CPU, and the CPU controls the motor voltage according to this feedback to obtain the set speed. Operation steps of syringe pump

    4.1 Turn on the power and turn on the power switch.

    4.2 Select a certain brand of syringe (20mL or 5OraL), and fix it in the syringe fixing groove of the syringe pump after drawing the liquid medicine.

    4.3 After pressing the Band key, select a number from 1 to 5 according to the brand used and press Enter to input. After pressing the Size key again, use the number keys to select the size of the syringe and press the Enter key to input.

    4.4 Press nd_/h and press the number keys to input the desired administration rate, and press the EI1 one ter key to input.

    4.5 Press the Start button to start the administration.