Learn Applications of PP Compression Fitting


    Mechanical Compression Fitting is a fitting that connect piping elements which require physical force to develop a seal or produce alignment. There are several materials of compression fittings, such as: Steel, Brass, Plastic. The most plastic material used is PP, there are also PE or PVC compression fittings.

    The pp compression fitting is widely used in water supply and irrigation. Kinson mechanical fittings are made by high quality PP material with UV protection, both material and fittings are approved use with drinking water. We have three different types of PP compression fittings, all comply with standards DIN 8076-3, UNI 9562, UNI 9561, BS 5114/75. Our fittings can be installed on PE pipes which are in compliance with standards DIN 8072, DIN 8074, ISO 4427, EN 12201. The threaded version is BSP.

    If you are interested in pp quick connect fitting, welcome to your come and purchase!