What Are Basic Requirements for PP Compression Fitting?


    The pp compression fitting arrangement should be short and straight. In order to make full use of the water pressure in the outdoor pp pipe network, the water supply pipe is declared to be located at the maximum water consumption or a continuous water supply.

    The indoor water supply main pipe should be close to the maximum water consumption or the continuous water supply is not allowed.

    Guarantee production and safety: The position of the pp pipe must not impede production operations, transportation and the use of buildings. Pp pipe shall not be placed on top of water, causing incineration, blasting or damage to materials, products and equipment, and shall be prevented from passing over the production equipment. Pp pipe shall not pass through the shop window, the closet of the civil building and the wood decoration. For workshops and buildings that are not allowed to break water, two sets of introduction pipes shall be provided, which shall be connected in a circular or penetrating two-way water supply indoors.

    The water supply buried pipeline should be prevented from being placed in a position where it may be damaged by heavy objects. The pipeline shall not pass through the basis of the production equipment; in special cases, if it is necessary to traverse, it shall be negotiated with the relevant professional. Pp pipe should not pass through expansion joints, settlement joints and anti-seismic joints. Effective measures should be adopted during the passage period.

    Satisfactory repair and aesthetic requirements: Pipes should be laid as straight as possible along walls, beams and columns. For buildings with high aesthetic requirements, pp pipes can be concealed in pipe troughs, pipe wells, pipe trenches and suspended ceilings. In order to facilitate maintenance, the tube well should be equipped with inspection doors on each floor. The location of the indoor plumbing fixture should have a space to accommodate the attachment. A pipe that is concealed in the ceiling or pipe slot should have an access door at the valve.

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