We Advise You to Know Functions of PP Fitting


    Pipes are the foundation of all plumbing systems. Without them, materials wouldn’t be able to move in and out of residential and commercial applications. But conduits don’t work alone; they require added fixtures that play vital roles in plumbing operations. Two of those features are tubing and fittings.

    Pipe Fittings
    The pp fitting is fixtures used to connect other pipes and tubes. They come in a countless amount of materials, shapes and sizes and are used to attach, join or lengthen pipes. For example, if a system needs to wrap around a corner and doesn’t have the right shape to do so, the right fitting can be placed to safely and securely connect two pipes.

    Pipe Tubing
    Tubing is similar in the look and style of a pipe itself but pipe tube fittings are typically only used for structural purposes. Unlike pipes, these fixtures aren’t used for the transfer of liquid or gas and their defining sizing specification is the outside diameter.

    There is a wide selection of pipe tubing and pipe fitting types, but finding the right ones for your pipes is essential to a working plumbing system. The most important consideration when selecting tubing and fittings is fixture compatibility. Without this, your plumbing applications won’t operate efficiently. Here’s the kind of criteria you need to look out for when choosing pipe tubing and fittings.

    Most people use the term “pipe” and “tubing” interchangeably, but they have different purposes. Pipes serve as a vessel for transfer in large plumbing applications. Tubes, on the other hand, are typically used in structural applications that require smaller diameters and are often utilized in features that require precise outside diameters. The right pipe tubing type can provide optimal and cost effective performance for your plumbing applications. Tubing can be made from hard or soft materials. However, tubing usage falls into three different general categories.

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