Plastic Fittings Factory Tells You Pros of Plastic Fittings

  • Corrosion resistant — A plastic plumbing system pipe introduced by plastic fittings factory isn’t easily corroded by exposure to water and common household chemicals. Plastic formulas can be adjusted to allow them to stand up to the demands of various residential plumbing needs, including water supply and drainage.

    Low heat conductivity — Unlike metal, plastic doesn’t conduct heat well so it’s better able to maintain the temperature of the water it carries. While copper pipes require insulation to prevent sweating and dripping, PVC pipes stay dry even with no insulation. That’s especially helpful with condensate drains for air conditioners, boilers and other appliances.

    Non-reactive — Connecting dissimilar metals, such as copper and iron, can cause corrosion. Plastic pipes can be connected with each other or with metal pipes without the risk of damaging chemical reactions.
    Easier installation — Because plastic pipes are light and easy to handle, plumbing jobs done with these pipes nearly always cost less than those that involve metal pipes.

    Fewer blockages — Some plumbers find plastic drainpipes are less likely to clog than metal ones and are easier to unclog when they do.

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