We Would Like to Introduce Common Connection Methods of PP Fitt


    There are three commonly used connection methods for pp fitting, namely: electric heating wire welding method, butt heat welding method, and looper flange connection method.

    1. Electric heating wire welding method: remove the oxide scale on the surface of the pipe, insert the pipe fitting with electric heating element in the corresponding specification, pass the rated current for a certain period of time to the heating element, and the polypropylene material at the connection part of the pipe fitting and the pipe is heated and melts each other. Turn off the power to form an inseparable interface.

    2. Butt welding method: first treat the pipe end flat, put a heating piece between the pipe and the pipe or between the pipe and the pipe fitting, set the heating temperature, turn on the control power supply, and after heating for a certain period of time, remove the heating piece , And then the two ends are quickly butted and pressed together and cooled to form a high-strength trapezoidal interface with the same interface strength as the body material.

      3. Looper flange connection method: Place a steel looper flange on the plastic flange, then place an appropriate gasket, string in the specified bolts, and tighten it.

      Because the hot-melt connection method does not require any additional materials, and the connection part can be melted into one body, the body strength is achieved, and the connection effect is good. Therefore, the hot-melt connection method is recommended here. Pay attention to the following points when using hot melt connection:

       1. The hot-melt tool is powered on, reaches the working temperature, and can only start operation after the indicator light is on;

       2. When cutting the pipe, the end face must be perpendicular to the pipe axis. Generally, special scissors or pipe cutters are used for pipe cutting, and a sharp hacksaw is used when necessary.

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