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    He also could have done more to bring known Death Eaters, after the war, to justice rather than see them all walk having bribed senior ministry officials. I am always left with the impression that Dumbledore believes in the rule of law. He is compassionate yes, but enforces rules on what is and isn allowed. Any Minister, of any department would not cross the Albus Dumbledore that won the war against Gindelwall nor the one that Voldemort feared.

    Michigan Matters: L. Brooks Patterson on the Fight for His Life, Denise Ilitch Sounds Off on HBO ReportL. Brooks Patterson says he's determined to win his newest fight one involving his health as he appeared on Michigan Matters with Senior Producer/Host Carol Cain in a conversation about his battle with stage four pancreatic cancer.

    Usually, people will say "sorry to be such a pest" (meaning that they apologize for being irritating) when they need a little bit of reassurance. It is a conversational tactic used to test whether a person's comments are being well recieved. If your friend sends you three emails, and you haven't answered, and then he or she sends one more, but adds "sorry to be a pest," it probably means that he or she is worried about talking too much or becoming an irritation to you. In that case, a response is best, and reassurance that the person is not a bother is nice.

    You are a Muslim and hopefully an enlightened one and yet you repeat recycled stereotyping we hear often in western media about accusing Islam at every turn when some crazy band of thugs give itself an Islamic sounding name and hide behind an Islamic brand and they are many and come in all sizes and shapes now days while its violating the very core of Islamic values and belief. Where in Islam does it say to hijack a guest like Allen Johnston who should have been afforded hospitality and protection in a Muslim land? Radicalism and thuggary have nothing to do with faith.

    I read the article, I looking for more in depth information. How large is the significand? Is the sign bit explicitly stored, a la x87? How the precision compared to IEEE floats? Why does the linked pull request store them in 64 bit doubles? Do they have more precision than a 32 bit IEEE float (which is usually referred to with "single precision")?

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