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  • Assistant Editor Zac Palmer: I think . or I hope buy rs3 gold Cadillac has gotten the sport sedan right this time around. The ATS and CTS were both great cars, but this one is finally aiming in the right direction. Cadillac has softened things up to make the car more livable, so I curious to see how that will affect it dynamically.

    Dissemble is faster but costs more gp. Invention is a passive skill so you should just siphon imo. Unless you just want to rush it to re max/comp or simply just wanna get bis perks faster for pvm, not much other reason to ever rush it since its a passive skill(unlike other skills). Whenever you slay/boss, you always be leveling your gear. If you fish, mine, woodcut, smith,firemake etc, you always be leveling the tool. It really just depends your goals though.

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    It Takes Hard Work to Get What You WantIn MMOs you have a particular mount, legendary item, or title you want. In real life you have a nice car, a big house, and a jacuzzi you want. Whether it be in MMOs or real life, it will always take hard work to get what you want. Games teach us that. If you want a legendary weapon in Guild Wars 2, you have to farm items and karma, diligently and for a long while. Unless one is rich and just buys it, another sad but true life lesson in and of itself.

    Regardless of those little gripes, the Old School Edition is the one to get. With its visual simplicity, charming details and all that chrome it's the coolest Bronco Icon has every offered. Ward has always been one step ahead of the market and this is where things are headed. Just make sure you stick with the standard five speed.

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