Like is it her switch along with the family's switch

  • (There was still another AITA a couple of Animal Crossing Bells months ago where some girl's boyfriend trashed her island during an argument. What a jerk)

    My 6 year old goddaughfer understands this pretty clearly. She gets angry if any blossom goes,issuing. I swear she knows exactly how many are there. . It actually hinged on whether or not there was an arrangement beforehand. If I were you, I would edit the article to add that.OP I just picked up the match after a looooong hiatus (spoop year got me) and should you need fruits/flowers, drop me a pm and I will send you a dodo code. NTA, tho I will admit I am obviously biased here.Why is it your island, but her change? Like is it her switch along with the family's switch?

    You are the best comment so editing in a judgement will be perfect or the last judgement is likely to be INFO.After using read your edit, NTA. A videogame itself may be insignificant but she gave you her word on the norm for behaviour and she violated it. Honesty is something that ought to be encouraged.NTA, she is nine, old enough to understand you dont destroy something you're sharing. A week with no switch is an age, and action, proper punishment. Reiterate the leason if you give her back accessibility and let her know that you know she is old enough to perform better and that you have faith in her that she will

    NTA since there was an agreement before. There was a post on here a while back about an AH dad who completely destroyed his sons Minecraft because the child would not do something or other and I believe it is a similar principle here. Yes, it might be"only a game" but it's still a boundary that has been established and then trampled. I'd rather the parent nip it in the bud now than have the child grow into an online menace who destroys matches for others. It's about honor and it's not enjoy off a week the Switch is going to hurt anyone.

    When it is a totally shared console and sport then I think it is fine, albeit a bit OTT, to take it away.

    If the console has been given for her and she's the cheap Animal Crossing New Horizons Items expectation that she's primary possession, and she's sharing it with you so that you can play Animal Crossing, I would consider this punishment unreasonable.