I am on 600 hours and have played AC since Wild World

  • Especially with all of the new players, I just don't think they understand what AC is all about. This has always been exactly what AC is. It is a slow paced lifestyle game. It was Animal Crossing New Horizons Items never supposed to have constant events to keep you entertained every week with fresh things like Pocket Camp.I got over 100 hours logged and that I have yet to repay my loan, finish the memorial, achieve my ideal landscaping and get gold blossoms.

    I think people just blitzed through all the content way too fast.Yup. I really don't like these kind of complaints whenever there are different games to play as well. Can't get sucked into one match and then say there is not enough content. I'm sure some of that player base is gone anyways just because they only picked up a change and ACNH because of they hype. I've seen of YT videos of women saying they do not play games but they simply HAD to have ACNH trigger aesthetic.

    I am on 600 hours and have played AC since Wild World, but love NH. The updates help keep it fresh, I am glad they've opted for this version and think a great deal of people moaning do not know that AC is assumed to be played in your pace. Which in my case is fast, but I've remade my city twice and filled the time doing a variety of things. You could play with it endlessly with the material we have already.Just started playing a few weeks back and this is my first time being at a thread for it. Man, community looks toxic, might only stay from AC threads and continue enjoying the match...

    It feels like all these upgrades are so small, and they're so situational too nothing here feels like it's likely to survive outside of collapse. I'd rather have a couple of upgrades adding stuff from New Leaf back rather than a year of seasonal updates that add new things.. Like paintings, even the gyroid cafe from previous games was datamined.

    Not certain where they are, but I'm sure they'll still be added. Nintendo only likes to drip feed material. Very gradually.

    Nah, it was stated by Aya Kyogoku (manager of cheap Animal Crossing Bells this new leaf, which nintendo sadly don't understand ) and Nogami that the upgrades could be impacted by covid, which is why they needed to slow down.