They have very active organizations throughout the country

  • The New Black Panther party is considerably more active than you think. They have very active organizations throughout the country. My state has had two events placed them at the last three months. This class supports segregation and is NOT the Animal Crossing Bells first Black Panther party. Honestly fucking crap human beings, they had the California Grand Dragon(KKK) AS A GUEST SPEAKER IN 1993! Look them up, they are racist antisemites and the quotations of the company leaders will blow your mind. They ought to be treated like every other hate group.

    Also I hope/think they are a really small vocal minority. I honestly dont understand though because a great deal of people attended the events above. Hopefully just for a fantastic time rather than to join their company. If we are going to get to star trek level of society, we will need to shed this race shit and see each other as humans.

    I believe any serious person asserting for segregation really believes it will be"different but equal" this time. Not that such a thing is even acceptable in the first place, but somebody is going to get the short end of the stick.Well if we are going the star trek course it is likely to demand a ww3 with a nuclear apocalypse and more than 100 decades of dark ages before that FTL...

    My white Italian background instructor has obviously frizzy afro type of hair and she completely doesn't understand why some black people believe they own a hairstyle. You have to be so lame and ignorant about the advances and achievements your culture has made that really matter, to find defensive and petty over a easy hair style and who can wear it, along with attempting to buy Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells claim ownership of it. Its such a reach to call people racist for tying their hair or becoming dreads because they found beauty inside and dont have dark skin. Its racism in case anything. Seriously its JUST HAIR. We are just one species do we have to be so split its outdated. So petty