This greatly shortens the route and will save hours of time

  • LEVELS 55+ Werewolf Agility Course. Similarly to RS gold Wilderness program, we need Summer Pies to boost agility to 60 that is needed to input this one. This class offers the ideal experience past level 60 in the price of Marks of Grace since those will not spawn there.

    LEVELS 60+ Seers Village Agility Course. If you've completed challenging tasks in Kandarin Diary you need to choose this course since it's a fantastic method to your Agility training beyond 60. Completion of this assignment lets players placing Camelot Teleports to portal them near the lender. This greatly shortens the route and will save hours of time making it really worth doing.

    LEVELS 70-80 Pollnivneach Rooftop Agility Course. This is not better overal compared to Seer's Village (especially in the event that you want that additional Magic exp) however it is best exp per lap course from the game. If you're doing stops every lap or you're simply tired of Seer's Village this you might be only for you.

    LEVELS 80+ Brimhaven Agility Arena. While having Karamja Gloves 4 players receive 10% additional experience from this Agility course. After level 99 it is not possible to fail obstacles on this Arena which makes training even more rewarding. While doing this class you'll be getting special tickets which can be afterwards exchanged for extra Agility experience. To maximize the amount of exp that you gonna get, you want to turn in these tickets in quantity of 1000. You also need to perform it on the maximum Agility level potential because exp ratio will scale as you level up. It's best to turn in tickets after level 90 to maximize potential exp incomes.

    LEVELS 90+ Ardougne Agility Course. Although Brimhaven is the ideal area to train Agility beyond 80 level there is an added option to those who desire Marks of Grace. Elite tasks in Ardougne journal reward players with 25% bonus to Mark of Grace drops in Ardougne course. If you would like to farm them for gold or just do something besides Brimhaven - this is only one of the choices.

    OTHER AGILITY COURSES LEVELS 80+ Rellekka Agility Course. If you're above 80 Agility and also you don't have/don't need to buy Karamja gloves 4 it is possible to visit the Rellekka and begin training there. This class can not compete with Brimhaven Arena but remains decent in terms of xp rates. Although this one will not give you much better exp rate than Rellekka course - these levels of training Agility are really boring so every kind of variety is useful. Good course to do if you are bored of buy rs gold paypal both Rellekka and Brimhaven and you are not beyond 90 yet.