There are a lot of people like myself who experience

  • Stadia is in a challenging position with this. They need to draw publishers. But this behaviour is not right. They should delist the game.I have remark this before and will remark it 2K21 MT again. Do not purchase any NBA game till they fix the problems.There are a lot of people like myself who experience a lot of input lag on nba 2k20 and nba 2k21 (I bought it and return it at once after seeing that I was having the same issue) and it's the only games that a great deal of individuals experience input lag.

    The 2K park servers are notoriously dreadful. There has always been lag on mypark. The servers have been talked about every release on the 2k subreddit and folks still purchase the game.I just paid like 10 dollars for this game, and I believe that is about where it should be. I'm really bad for the folks that dropped 100 bucks on the Mamba Forever edition of this game.

    2K will never create overhauls to fix the servers since people keep paying and enjoying the game. I haven't bought a 2k game because 17 since I was fed up with the way the company treats it is customers.Sadly that is true. The rosters are still old and the season is 10+ games in. The area is not even worth playing 2k and that is a shame because that's the very best aspect of this sport. I thought for $10 I would not care... And I don't that much... But I do. Repair it .

    Do yourselves a favor in the meantime Remember this when 2k22 drops.

    Yeah I also made a thread a few weeks ago. Regarding the roster updates Stadia Support said that I need to ask 2k relating to this and 2k said that it's an issue about the Stadia side. I stopped playing and won't touch a 2k match again.The site I am writing for is not very big, but it helps bringing attention to it.

    Wrote a little post about it as well and this get sorted out, since this is unacceptable.Man I've spent many wasted hours on this game lol Need to Buy NBA 2K21 MT Coins download rosters the neighborhood makes for myleague it's complete bullshit however yo big up anybody who makes them and shares them... also, cease adding ur created character to the Lakers pls.It's so reassuring to see that others have the same problem, how can we come together and make a change for the unpolished turd That's NBA 2k21