POE players should continue to go deep into Heist for greater a

  • In order to prevent the POE 3.13 expansion from conflicting with the release time of Cyberpunk 2077, the game team of Path of Exile issued a delayed expansion announcement some time ago. In other words, players still need to spend another two months in the current Heist league. Some players recommended POE to their friends, and the number of game players is still on the rise. So now the phenomenon in the game is that players’ demand for POE Currency has become greater than ever.

    The addition of Heist League has created a brand new game ecological environment for players. Nine NPCs, hundreds of new items and copies, and Heists themselves have all contributed to the development of Path of Exile. It also provides many ideas for GGG to further study the game, which is a role that the previous league has never played. However, because of the unique features of Heist, most players are confused when they first touch it. It seems that everything is not that difficult now.

    Every enemy in the Heist League drops the Rogue Mark, which is a special coin that opens the gateway to Rogue Harbor. Players can also find contracts from the enemies they killed and unique caches, which can start robberies in Rogue Harbor. The contract is like the map and has a function that shows the ability of the monster. These tasks will also point out the required skills and list modifications when the contract is weird or rare. Like the map, players can use currency items to change these contracts to increase rewards, but the difficulty will be greater.

    Every player who wants to carry out a robbery action should first check the attributes of the thieves to understand which thieves they maximize their ultimate profit. Thieves of unique abilities can help players deal with various emergencies and target treasures they have to face in the robbery. But now, with the continuous development of the league, the existing functions may change one day. So they’d better Buy POE Currency and POE Items first to improve their ability to resist unknown risks.