Madden 21 update: new patch has important defense gains

  • Madden players who love defense should be excited in Madden 21's latest title update. EA announced on Thursday that although the "main highlight" is the MUT and franchise bug fixes, the gameplay update seems to be more impactful. In addition, if you also want to become more powerful in Ultimate Team mode, you can Buy MUT 21 Coins.

    The game update solves the problem of the catcher losing the ball due to a late collision of the defender. In this case, the catcher seems to have brought the ball in and secured the ball, but a late collision from the defender would make the ball awkwardly removed from the catcher's hand. Now, the window for hitting the ball in a normal collision is smaller, so the defender will no longer be able to hit the ball. In any case, these situations will be restricted or eliminated.

    Fixed an issue where the defender on the Bubble route reacted improperly to the defender in RPO playback. Make adjustments to increase the AI ​​delivery peak on All-Pro and All-Madden skill levels. When AI Passes are sought after to win the game, they will defeat their opponents faster. The second point is huge. Unfortunately, you will almost never be able to effectively use defensive informants in online competitive games, but to make this problem more complicated, elite defenders are far less effective than AI. Because they still can't go home as they wish when they win. It sounds like we are looking for an amplifier in this area.

    Slowly, EA is working on its franchise model. Most of the changes are relatively minor, but maybe it will position the game in a more important position when the major franchise update is first implemented in November. Madden 21 is now much better playable than September, and I hope that there will be significant improvements when the next-generation game is released in November and the first series update . If you want to treat yourself well, you can buy the convenient and fast Madden 21 Coins at GameMS.