Sublimation Paper Wholesale Precision Processing

  •        Among the roll sublimation paper various factors that can affect the production of products, the melt temperature and mold temperature have an impact on the actual shrinkage. Therefore, when designing the precision injection mold cavity, in order to facilitate the determination of the molding conditions, attention must be paid to the shape Arrangement of cavities. Molten plastic brings heat into the mold, and the temperature gradient distribution of the mold generally surrounds the cavity and is in the shape of concentric circles centered on the main runner.

       my country's infusion bottle market. After decades of application, glass infusion bottles have been quickly relegated to plastic infusion bottles, but they have a common weakness-they are all rigid packaging containers, which requires the introduction of air to generate pressure during the infusion process to make the liquid medicine It drips out, which greatly increases the possibility of secondary contamination during the infusion process, especially in hospitals with more bacteria. The flexible packaging multi-layer co-extruded film infusion bag can better solve this problem.

    Pharmaceutical grade polyolefin multi-layer co-extruded film is made of multi-layer polyolefin materials under clean conditions and melted and cross-linked at the same time. Adhesives and plasticizers are not used in the production process. The cylindrical film is always kept in a closed state. Avoid pollution. This kind of membrane material is resistant to high temperature (can be sterilized at 121°C), has good light permeability, good elasticity, resistance to falling, good barrier to water vapor, oxygen and nitrogen, and is suitable for filling various electrolyte infusion, nutrient infusion and Therapeutic infusion, which does not contain chloride, does not affect the environment during post-treatment, and is the development direction of infusion packaging materials.

    Therefore, design measures such as runner balance, cavity arrangement and concentric arrangement centered on the sprue are necessary to reduce the shrinkage error between the cavities, expand the allowable range of molding conditions, and reduce costs. . The cavity arrangement of the precision injection mold used for sublimation paper wholesale processing should meet the requirements of balanced runner and centered arrangement of the main runner, and the cavity arrangement with the main runner as the line of symmetry must be adopted, otherwise it will Causes the difference in the shrinkage of each cavity.