Advantages Of Sublimation Paper Wholesale

  • roll sublimation paper technology is a new technology that combines traditional thermal transfer technology and digital printing technology to print color images and patterns without plate making.
    At the earliest, this technology was not used in the clothing (textile) industry, but in billboards, signs, or ceramics. Later generations have expanded it and applied it to the clothing industry.
    Here, the digital thermal transfer we are talking about is a digital thermal transfer with inkjet printing technology as a technical form, because it can guarantee a certain width and fixed length, and is suitable for industrial production.
    2. Digital thermal transfer is a new technology that adapts to market changes
    Strictly speaking, the market positioning of digital heat transfer technology and products is a personalized product market. It is a new technology that has emerged in order to adapt to the development of the personalized market and consumers’ demand for personalized products. And an effective supplement to the traditional heat transfer product market. Traditional thermal transfer products are difficult to produce small batches of personalized products due to technical limitations and plate-making costs.
    Therefore, in the traditional thermal transfer market in the past, there was a period of market gaps in the technology dedicated to personalized products. The emergence of sublimation paper wholesale makes it possible to produce personalized heat transfer products. Not only that, the printing quality of image patterns of digital thermal transfer products far exceeds traditional thermal transfer technology. This is also the reason why digital thermal transfer technology can be promoted and popularized in just a few years.