Materials Used For Roll Sublimation Paper

  • What should sublimation paper wholesale pay attention to? In the wholesale industry of printable film manufacturers, there are two important factors that attract customers: "quality" and "price." The quality is definitely the level that every wholesale factory must strictly control the lettering film. What about the price? Each manufacturer has more or less. So when choosing a printable film with good quality? -The surface of the lettering film is smooth and free of impurities, easy to engrave, and easy to drain. It is required to have excellent stretch, resilience, weather resistance and washing resistance, and the operation is simple, fast and convenient.

    The price of printable film-when it comes to engraving film, the price is what you pay for, but some are shoddy, so we should pay attention to two points when choosing. First of all, whether the material quality of the lettering film meets the selected standards and whether it is environmentally friendly. Second: Whether the price of the selected engraving film product matches its value.

    Light-color printable roll sublimation paper and dark-color printable engraving film. There are two types of printable films. They are made of polyurethane elastic material, soft to the touch, good elasticity, strong ink absorption, high color reproducibility and high hiding power No deformation, no degumming, washing resistance, easy to engrave and waste disposal after high temperature hot stamping, the product has passed SGS environmental protection certification and OEKO-TEX100 certification