Start Running Advanced Quests in PSO2 Level 40

  • We've already shown off Cofy and Marlu above, you need to Phantasy Star Online 2 Meseta always make sure to keep on top of Client Orders for Cofy along with your Class NPC as they will help familiarize you with all the sorts of quests you'll be doing on a regular basis. These two will offer generic Client Orders asking the participant to defeat specific monsters or bosses in exchange for Meseta (gold) and Experience.

    In fact, there's a system in place to take multiple client orders at once. Once you select a specific Quest from Rebecca/Anneliese in the Quest Counter, you can pick Client Orders from the globe icon at the menu, followed by'Orders That Can Be Accept in the Fields of Ongoing Quests' (phew) to bring up a list of all of the accessible Client Orders that may be completed at your destination. You can include Client Orders any moment between accepting a pursuit and heading into the Gateway Ship.

    Once you reach Level 40, you'll unlock a type of pursuit called Advance Quests. These start out at the'Very Hard' difficulty rating, and boost into the'Super Hard' rating once you hit Level 55.

    The game will give you some free capsules to begin off, but otherwise they can be purchased from the Item Shop, Casino, or earned through enjoying Advance Quests. Playing a region requiring Advance Capsule As will benefit Advance Capsule B as drops, and so on. Thus you will efficiently cycle from A to B to C for Very Hard quests, or from D to E to F for Super Hard. Completing Advance Quests increase your'Threat Level' up to a maximum of +50, which resets each week, raising the difficulty of the pursuit but also the EXP earned. You're able to spend more Advance Capsules up front to immediately boost the Threat Level as well, or simply ramp up your way by biking through the quests.

    It requires a bit of hands-on to learn how it all works, but essentially running Advance Quests repeatedly will benefit Capsules and increase your Threat Level, or you can shortcut to the max Threat Level if you spend more Capsules up front. Playing with a party is preferable here, since not only are you going to earn that +40% EXP for having a full party, but you are going to be more likely to trigger PSE Bursts, which will spawn waves of enemies that can be killed quickly for lots of expertise. Advance Quest EXP farming is a fairly ubiquitious way of several gamers in-game, often shortened to VHAQ or even SHAQ, frequently with the Threat Level attacked as well, for example VHAQ+50. Some people today recommend to continue to cheap meseta pso2 run VHAQ even after unlocking SHAQ since enemies will perish quicker despite providing less EXP.