I will restart playing RuneScape for a short while

  • Yeah I understand this isn't the upgrade forum - for OSRS gold some reason im blocked from posting there [im not a mod - lol] this past"update" has rendered my protected mode and all others below HD to a tiny viewable area. The resizeable display is listed there,but doesn't operate as it did just last night [ yup update bugs as usual]. Im hoping there's a way to recover the bigger viewable area in secure mode - yeah HD works fine on my PC.

    "The cavern method I discovered might be Ah Za Rhoon, if I were able to determine the cavern it would help a lot" and"I've discovered the grisly remains of some poor soul". I'm at such a loss as what to do!!! If I could just start it on? Or if a person knows what I did wrong. I have everything that I want according to the quest manual. Thank you.

    Well my stats r NOT very good. 50att 56str 42def going for 50def 58magic(have not done dt) 46ranged I'm trying for at least 50 or 60, summoning not even gonna cite lol, prayer 32i believe I am attempting to locate a galter to acquire prayer up. I've a gmaul and complete void with all 3helms. So would I be able to do this exploration? I would use: I do not wanna risk my full void but if I have to I will D: Any diff sugestions? I haven't completed the quest for berserker helm however I will do it. I do not wanna train to much. Inventory: Prayer baskets should I purchase 43prayer, Extra wep, Super strength and att potion, Teleport to house tabletcomputer, Extra ring of recoils. Rest monkfish or the food that heals me above my max lp 4got wat it is called. So can I do shilo village? Any suggestions? Should I risk my emptiness?

    I will restart playing RuneScape for a short while for the very first time in about 14-16 months, meaning I've pretty much got no clue in what has happened since then. I'll be receiving P2P. Every F2P battle stat at level 99. Did all quests before my retirement, therefore most of the"older" quests are finished. Networth somewhere between 500M to 1B.

    Now, there's a couple of things I mean to perform. First of all, finish all of the quests. Secondly, aim to receive 70 dungeoneering. Thirdly, look at getting 82~ Summoning. Now here's a list of questions that I want answered: With the current additional Experience weekend, would I benefit the most from coaching Summoning or cheap RuneScape gold Dungeoneering throughout the weekend? (Not in exp/h), but in time *) Any recent (past 1.5 years) game updates that'll severely help training summoning or dungeoneering?