The apparent trust issues that Eve games inspire

  • The spreadsheets pull in the BigQuery version of eve echoes isk your marketplace data. I am not doing anything too interesting with this information yet, but I think it could be fascinating eventually to start to appear at tendencies, early week dips, weekend spikes, etc. I get your information into BigQuery using a scheduled Cloud Function that runs every 4 hoursgrabs stats.csv, and appends it into my BigQuery market table.

    There's a couple of reasons I don't, for now at least. One is that the size of the raw information is considerably bigger, and even with all the present data I am already handling ~500mb of orders every single day, so I really don't want to need to spend a lot more to take care of the the extra bandwidth.Another is that the format of the raw information has changed over time as I've changed my procedure. I'm comfortable supporting the current API, but I don't wish to feel constrained to the current set up I have on the backend, or hazard violate the tools which others are creating.

    But first and foremost, I am not entirely certain how netease feels about exactly what I am doing, so I'm trying to expose the least amount of information to ensure it is less likely that I get shut down by them.Very pleasant site. This is surely one of the most convenient ways to get market information.

    There are just two things that make me hesitant to use it:The apparent trust issues that Eve games inspire. This is probably something which can only be solved from the devs offering us a formal API.It appears to me which market costs are strongly determined by the quantity available, so if I notice down current prices, I'm basing it on the price of a certain amount of that material.

    Is it true that the game cache this data somewhere in the file of Android, or would you actually have to do some kind of packet sniffing? I had been expecting it'd be the first, since then I could only make a utility that automates a number of those"open next favorite, note the present cost" without making it all that questionable under the EULA, but eve isk I could find market data in the information folder.