They are good fun and supply you with RuneScape

  • If I don't have great def, the couple seconds of lag wud mean the loss of RuneScape gold half my bank lol. If I do change in my pray continuosly, it would end by the time I get 2-4 kills. (blue drags) and with pros, id get a few added seconds, and rly wudnt have the ability to maintain potting pray cuz its expensive too... However ty anyways. I would definitely suggest doing the Fremminik Quests. They are good fun and supply you with a Neitiznot Helmet, which is probably one of the best helmets . Secondly, since you've got a budget of 1mil I would recommend doing Barbarian Assault so that you may find the Fighter Torso. It doesn't cost any money, it gives excellent Strength bonuses and seems alright.

    Dragon Platelegs is good. Amulet of Glory is great. Ring of Wealth is great. Another economical yet powerful choice is the Explorers Rings. Obby cape is great. Dragon boots is good (if you buy them) To your weapon I would certainly go for a whip and/or a Dragon Scimitar. Monkey Madness is needed for the Dragon Scimmy and it will take some time but it's definitely worth it for coaching Strength.

    Dragon Defender is great (once you FINALLY get it). Also to get a great pair of gloves I advise doing RFD for Dragon/Barrows gloves. Heck even Mithril gloves are very excellent. For them you want to perform Recipe for Disaster, and I definitely suggest that you do this to the highest you can...

    I find myself asking the same question. Imo, slayer is no where near as good as it was (only appeared what happened to the whips). Camping in abby demons for 75-125+ kills just for a 900k-1.5mil drop?? Now to get a 3mil drop will differ. Slayer is an enjoyable way to train melee stats if you plan on doing coaching, do it. Its a wonderful way to break the repetativeness of training on a single creature.

    Clearly someone who has not obtained 85 Slayer, Abby whips are approximately 1 in 540, not 125 kills camping. And the principal benefit in slayer doesnt come from the big drops, its all the little ones adding up over time together with clues if you do them and buy rs3 gold if you are smart herb runs between tasks.