I could just have a chance to RuneScape

  • I figure that I could just have a chance to RuneScape gold rank within the top 100 players in summoning when I get 200m by the end of august. I can't decide what to do. Any info? I am well aware of what happens in the fight, it changes colour, you have ta change fighting style... etc.. It something I should be able to do, I've got all the equipment for such a fight.

    The issue here is that I'll hit it with Balmung, taking off a a good chunk of it is health and then it has colours trigger. From there on, I can't do some damage. It'll only change blue and even when I attempt to use water spell (water tide ) it will just wind up missing all the time or without harm and the mother will en up continuously switching from blue to red and back. I can not do any harm to either of them even using fire and water magic...

    The pursuit fight was buggy as crap since the launch of EOC. Right before I did the quest in March a person told me at the Sals cc they were able to complete the quest without using Balmung whatsoever. The Mother has been recently upgraded however. I'll check today employing the Dominion Tower. At the mean time I would suggest home teleporting outside and then striving again (you won't have to kill the sentinels again I believe). I just did it on the Dominion Tower. Seemed ordinary to me. I hit it with the axe. I stepped back, fired water charms (I'd suggest stepping back so you can only concentrate on projectile strikes ) Yada yada. I did notice she had a top defense, but that I was also only utilizing a team of light. The Balmung took a few attacks to hit her. So I'd just re-enter the fight region and try again.

    I only want everyone's opinion about something. For quite some time, I've been saving up towards a goal of 24 bonds to the Premier Membership that'll come out near Christmas- in order 8 and a half weeks. I have 15 bonds right now, as well as around 12m worth of unmade Yak pouches. Last I checked now, they had been 7.5M . This means buying the ~7 I have left will cost around 53M.

    If I had been to wait for a couple weeks, bonds would likely rise and proceed over 8m each. That would mean I've hoarded up what potentially worth over 100M in bonds. I was wondering if I should keep working in my aim of Premier Membership, or whether I need to sell my bonds and purchase an Ascension Crossbow, a product I've always desired. Plus, while bonds will probably be climbing, I hear the crossbow will be falling in cost, and buy RS gold may really hit the low 100s of mils.