Iron Padlock Prevents Injuries

  • The long shackle padlock is generally used when it is close to the equipment for repair or maintenance to prevent accidents that may cause personal injury.

    When to use long shackle padlock?

    Common occasions The following occasions, must use long shackle padlock:

    1. To prevent the device from starting up suddenly, you should use long shackle padlock to lock and tag
    2. To prevent the sudden release of residual power, it is best to use long shackle padlock to lock:
    3. When it is necessary to remove or traverse protective devices or other safety facilities, long shackle padlock should be used
    4. The working range that should be locked when a certain part of the body may be caught by the machine:
    5. Electrical maintenance personnel should use long shackle padlock on the circuit breaker when performing circuit maintenance
    6. Machine maintenance personnel should use long shackle padlock on the machine switch buttons when cleaning or lubricating machines with moving parts
    7. Maintenance personnel should use long shackle padlocks for mechanical equipment starting devices when troubleshooting mechanical equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recommends that all companies should equip their employees with long shackle padlocks. Within the workplace, it is the responsibility of the company to keep track of the system selected. The iron padlock is not a tool to extinguish the power, it can be locked only when the power source is isolated.