Different Designs Of Brass Padlock

  • The standard dial combination lock does not have the effect of anti-theft, and mainly serves as a warning; for example, when the pipeline of a factory needs to be overhauled, and the valve needs to be closed for maintenance, the valve needs to be locked to prevent accidental operation by factory personnel; at the same time Let the factory personnel identify the source of danger, so as to avoid accidental operation.


    brass padlock is designed with different sizes and semicircles, which can be integrated when storing or carrying; it is made of engineering plastic ABS, without any metal components; it is specially used to lock valves with a handwheel diameter of 25mm-635mm, and can achieve 2 lock beam diameters ≤ A 7mm safety padlock is locked; the general appearance is: red, other colors need to be customized, and English labels can be provided.