Market Analysis Of Brass Padlock

  •  With the emergence of high-end buildings in my country, the high-end standard dial combination lock market in China has attracted the attention of foreign companies. At present, many famous foreign lock manufacturers have poured into China. It can be seen that if our lock manufacturers do not hurry up and strive to develop high-end lock products, we will lose this market.
         According to analysis, my country's high-end locks currently have four major spaces to be developed.
         Mortise door lock: is the mainstream of development
         Judging from the current situation of the lock market, the door lock market will still be dominated by mechanical locks for a long time. Mortise door locks have more development potential than spherical door locks. The reason is that when in use, mortise door locks are more superior in anti-theft performance and scope of application than spherical door locks.
         Auto locks: large market capacity is also large
         The expansion of the auto lock market is mainly due to the increase in auto production. The gradual increase in automobile production and sales provides a larger development space for the automobile lock market. It is understood that the current production and sales volume of my country's automobile locks market is basically balanced on the whole, and with the launch or expansion of new projects of some enterprises, there may be a situation of oversupply.
         In addition, the development of agricultural vehicles will provide a broad market for the lock industry. In the past three years, the production and sales of agricultural vehicles in my country have increased significantly. With the "automotive" of agricultural vehicles, the demand for locks will also increase significantly. Therefore, enterprises should use their brains in this regard.
         High-end locks: development still needs effort
         In recent years, the development of new products in my country's lock industry has improved both in terms of product technology and product quality. New products developed by my country's lock industry in the past 5 years. In addition, the locks used in high-end hotels and hotels in my country still rely on imports, and the domestic high-end lock market is still controlled by foreign locks. In this regard, our products are currently not competitive. With the output of more than 2.1 billion locks, it is time for China's lock industry to develop into high-end, high-tech locks.
         Rural market: attention should be paid
         my country’s rural market is very large. The first thing farmers do after they become rich is to build houses. As more houses are built, the demand for locks will increase. However, this opportunity has not yet attracted enough attention from our lock-making enterprises. To adapt to the rural market, there are not many brass padlock specially developed for farmers.