Pex Crimp Fitting Thawing Skills

  • What should I do if the PEX Fittings Plastic tube freezes?
    The weather is cold and the temperature is low. If the outdoor PEX Fittings Plastic pipe is not warm, or there is water accumulation, it is easy to freeze. When the indoor temperature is below zero, PEX Fittings Plastic pipes are also prone to freezing. Once the PEX Fittings Plastic pipe is frozen, the water cannot be supplied normally. So, how to prevent PEX Fittings Plastic pipes from being frozen? What solutions are there for PEX Fittings Plastic pipes to freeze?

    1. Measures to prevent freezing of PEX Fittings Plastic pipe
    2. Water facilities such as PEX Fittings Plastic pipes, water meters, and faucets at home can be wrapped with cotton and linen fabrics and foam plastics. The water meter in the outdoor water meter box can be properly buried with sand, sawdust, pine needles, etc., so as to keep warm without affecting meter reading.
    3. If the temperature drops at night, you can keep the water in the faucet flowing continuously, and the PEX Fittings Plastic pipe will not be frozen. It is just a little waste of water, but it can be accumulated in the bathtub and other containers.

    Two, PEX Fittings Plastic pipe freezing solution

    1. If the PEX Fittings Plastic pipe does not freeze too much, you can use a kettle to pour boiling water on it. Generally, the ice in the PEX Fittings Plastic pipe will melt, and the water in the PEX Fittings Plastic pipe will naturally flow.
    2. If the PEX Fittings Plastic tube freezes too deeply, you have to unscrew the faucet first, then use an iron stick to burn it red in the fire, poke him into the tube, and it will open in a while. Note: The sluice must be closed before the operation, otherwise the water pressure will be very high when the water is suddenly passed, and the water will soar.
    3. For PEX Crimp Fitting pipes that are indeed frozen, the public can use a hair dryer to bake them, or wrap them in a towel and slowly pour them with warm water. Do not bake them directly with fire or blanch them quickly with boiling water to avoid pipes. Or the water meter bursts.