Pex Ball Valve Anti-ultraviolet

  • The construction status of PEX Fittings Plastic directly determines the quality of the project and the healthy life of the residents. Improper installation will cause local heat or local overheating. Therefore, when laying PEX Fittings Plastic materials, pay attention to the construction of PEX Fittings Plastic materials. It is consistent with the design circuit, and it is not allowed to change or take shortcuts without authorization.

    The on-site laying of PEX Fittings Plastic is the top priority of the floor heating construction. The actual heating effect of the floor heating system directly depends on the quality of PEX Fittings Plastic laying. In the process of laying PEX Fittings Plastic materials on the ground, avoid the phenomenon of pipe crossing. The phenomenon of overlapping pipes must be avoided; the distance between PEX Fittings Plastic and the cold wall is between 100-150mm, and must not exceed this range by more than 10%.


    If the actual laying length difference between the PEX Fittings Plastic circuits is greater than 30 meters, the construction personnel need to be notified in time and readjusted to avoid unnecessary economic losses and troubles. The laying spacing of PEX Fittings Plastic should be in accordance with the design. During construction, first fix the divider and water collector on the wall in the horizontal direction according to the size of the drawing.


    PEX Fittings Plastic and the water manifold are connected to the ground part of the pipeline to ensure that the insulation casing is added to the supervisor and the general contractor to check the indoor leveling layer before construction. If the construction conditions are not available on the site or the working area with the conditions cannot meet the floor heating According to the project schedule, floor heating construction cannot be carried out in this case. The site must be cleaned up before construction.


    PEX Ball Valve has a high usage rate in winter, and it is a kind of pipe used by users as a carrier of low-temperature hot water circulation. PEX Ball Valve has high temperature resistance, strong UV resistance, and high temperature resistance. It has a longer use time and strong pipe toughness. There is no need to consider weather damage during installation.