Is Pex Fittings Plastic Toxic?

  • Why is PEX Fittings Plastic banned in Europe and still used in China?

      Since PEXB floor heating pipes are poisonous and have been banned in EU countries, why are they still being used in China?

       (1) First, let’s look at the advantages of PEXB floor heating pipes:

    PEXB floor heating pipe adopts innovative second-generation silane cross-linking process and is produced by an advanced two-step process. After cross-linking treatment, it has a unique and stable three-dimensional network molecular structure. It is a thermosetting plastic and has excellent creep resistance. And high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance performance, high cost performance. Compared with PERT tube, it has better high temperature and pressure resistance.

       (2) Reasons for the existence of PEXB floor heating pipes in China:

       1. The PEXB floor heating pipes currently on the market are all cross-linked brands.

       1. There are many kinds of silanes, and in the polymer matrix, silanes exist in different forms, there may be grafting methods, or different application environments, which will reduce their toxicity or become insignificant.

      2. Reasons for considering cost and technology: No better technology was found to replace, and the toxicity and application were weighed, and the application was chosen.

       3. The domestic laws and regulations on these things are far from perfect in Europe and America.

       Summary: In fact, PEX Ball Valve is also made by brand institutions, provided that it has been cross-linked. If you do not choose a brand of such treatment, you should not choose this kind of floor heating pipe.