Repair After F1960 Fittings Is Damaged

  • F1960 Fittings are usually missed by "decoration, cutting, and hitting". So is there any way to fix this situation? Answer: Hot melt, this is also one of the solutions.
    First of all, you must know that F1960 Fittings does not have the melting conditions due to the characteristics of the material itself. The following editor of Fuston floor heating pipes will analyze some precautions when the floor heating pipes are heated.
    First, before melting, the pipe at the leaking point should be cut vertically with a professional pipe cutter. The cut must be smooth, and the burrs must be removed before heat melting.
    Second, before fusing the floor heating pipe, wipe the inner and outer walls of the floor heating pipe with a dry cloth.

    Third, use the pipe fittings with the same size and brand as the damaged pipe, or the quality of which is worried about the damaged pipe, to do the hot melt shut, and equipped with a hot melt machine, and then turn on the electric heating.
    Fourth, first use a soft pencil, and then use a hard pencil to mark the desired length on the hot-melt end of the pipe.
    Fifth, after heating to the specified time, quickly remove the pipe and pipe fittings from the heating jacket and heating head at the same time, and quickly insert the pipe into the specified depth of the pipe without rotating, so that a uniform flange is formed at the joint, and corrected Hot-melt joints, but cannot be rotated. Keep the pipe and pipe at an angle of 180 degrees.
    Sixth, after reaching the specified time, carry out the suppression test, and it can be used without pressure relief. PEX Fittings Wholesale's floor heating pipe hot-melting requires certain experience and technology.