F1960 Fittings Cleaning Introduction

  •    Floor heating pipes are generally laid under the floor. How should they be cleaned in this case? Next, PEX Fittings Wholesale will introduce the cleaning steps of floor heating pipes in detail. Come and take a look.

      The traditional floor heating cleaning method is to use high pressure water cleaning. Although this type of method is very simple and convenient, it is not completely cleaned, especially the stains adhering to the inner cavity of the pipeline.

       Therefore, at this stage, floor heating cleaning uses special cleaning fluids. The cleaning method of floor heating pipes:

      1, open the floor heating boiled water inlet pipe;

      2, 1 bottle (300g) of floor heating cleaning liquid is introduced into the boiling water inlet according to 1:10-50 dilution;

      3. Ensure that the floor heating pipes are filled with water, turn off the cold water valve, and start the circulating water pump circulation system for 30 minutes;

      4. Open the cold water valve and put the muddy water clean;

      5. Wash F1960 Fittings with cold water until cold water is discharged from the water outlet. The cleaning work is carried out.

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