Personalized Valentine'S Day Wooden Crafts


    Choose a photo album template that can express your feelings. Generally speaking, it is recommended to choose a solid color, so that it is better to match the photos. If you choose a photo album template that is too flowery, the aesthetic and matching requirements for girls are higher. Novices recommend choosing kraft paper with a retro feel. No matter what photos are taken, they are beautiful and the effect is very good~ ~

    After choosing the album, the next step is to choose your intimate photos. The size of the photos should be slightly smaller than the album size, about 2/3. Many people don't pay attention to this when choosing photos, leading to a lot of wasted photos. Of course, occasionally larger photos can be cropped with lace scissors.
    It is recommended that the selected photos can reflect the theme you want to express on Valentine's Day, and do not mix photos of various styles. It is best to have a progressive relationship, or a series. Before, a friend made a book that showed her difficult love experience with her boyfriend. The effect was very good. Legend has it that her boyfriend was moved to tears.

    A small tool for photo processing, lace scissors is an indispensable tool for photo processing. It can be cut out to fit the shape and size of the album, but you must be careful when cropping photos, and it is best to make an overall layout plan. Otherwise, you may regret it if you mishandled a photo. You can also ask your girlfriends to help with reliable suggestions, which will prevent the effect that others will not appreciate.
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