All Saints Day Crafts Increase The Holiday Experience


    Halloween is also called All Saints’ Day. It is a traditional Western holiday on November 1st each year; and October 31st, the eve of Halloween, is the most lively time of this festival. In Chinese, Halloween is often translated as All Saints' Day (All Saints' Day).

    In order to welcome Halloween, children prepare costumes and make props at home. Some brought cute pumpkin lanterns, some brought All Saints Day Crafts to decorate, some made exquisite canes, and some cleverly transformed the wizard hat. Look, their faces and arms are painted with small Halloween patterns. With a cry of "Trick or Treat", they couldn't wait to put on their unique cloaks, weird masks, and the sugar bags made by their own graffiti, turning them into elves and witches.

    Look, how compelling they are in the classroom! Some of them wore mysterious black cloaks, some wore scary monster masks, and some wore cute cartoon costumes to cut the audience...Here, they can play the role of a little witch on a broom, and You can pretend to be a handsome pirate, a brave Batman, an unpredictable magician... The children are free to release their endless imagination and creativity, and use their own creativity to interpret the magic and madness of Halloween.

    Learn in games and grow in happiness. In this way, Chinese and Western cultures converge and merge unconsciously. The cultural atmosphere and connotation of Halloween not only enrich the cultural knowledge of teachers and students, increase the cultural experience of the festival, but also broaden the international horizon. The wonderful time of Halloween will become a treasure of the children's memories, and the skills learned in the game will also benefit their future lives.