Modern Diy Mural Art Wooden Crafts Wholesale

  • Recently, I was inspired by wooden crafts wholesale wall panel canvas! They come in many sizes and are ideal for modern DIY mural art projects. I hide these wooden canvases in various sizes, and I use them often. I asked the children to draw original artwork on it, and use paper tape to paste baby pictures on it. Today I will teach you how to make this interesting geometric wooden canvas easy to become a mural.

      Geometric wood canvas easy wall art supplies:

      Unfinished wooden wall panels.

      Assorted colored kraft paper.

      Transparent adhesive adhesive.

      Darris scissors.

      Step 1. To start this simple wall art project, cut out geometric shapes from various colorful kraft papers. Cut triangles, straight lines, circles or any other shape you like!

      Step 2. Organize the kraft paper shape until you get the desired position or composition. Try to superimpose different works on top of each other and don't forget to leave some wood grain on the canvas!

      Step 3. Next, you will use transparent glue to paste the kraft paper on the board. Depending on the look you want, you have two options.

      Option 1. Use a foam brush to apply a thin layer of glue on the back of the tape. Note: When the glue is applied to the kraft paper, the kraft paper will be slightly warped, which will produce an uneven appearance on the kraft paper. When glue is applied to kraft paper, the kraft paper will curl. Spread the kraft paper on the canvas in a smooth motion, then wipe the kraft paper to eliminate bubbles.

      This is what the fully covered glue looks like when it is completely dry.

      Geometry Easy Wall Art 2. Use transparent adhesive small glue dots to glue on the kraft paper, around the perimeter of each geometric piece. This will keep the kraft paper smoother and smoother.

      Geometric easy wall art This is what the dry glue technology looks like.

      When the glue is completely dry, you can add other decorations, such as photos, quotes or a small piece of artwork. You can of course hang them as they are. I really like this relaxed mural composed of two to four canvases.

      Geometric relaxing wall art wood grain and holiday decorations wholesale texture are very interesting!