Factors That Should Be Considered When Choosing Curtain Home De

  • How should we choose home decor fabric suitable for curtains?

    Perhaps we can learn from the pastoral style of English country gardens. The mixture of linen and viscose fiber is suitable for curtains and interior decoration. This is a confident and smooth way of decoration, which works best in the best small spaces with limited space. It can be fun to use patterns in this way, but make sure to use elements such as bright pipes to pull out the details to create contrast and form to ensure that it does not become a bland similar wall. Also, if you choose lighter fabrics, please consider using blackout curtains so that your beautiful floral bedroom curtains in your chic boudoir will not bring dawn.

    It is easy to forget that the height of the window is not the actual size. How will they hang? Rods with hanging curtain rings and rail fittings that extend flush with the wall require different lengths. Essentially, do you want gorgeous fabrics that can make curtains look so gorgeous and sexy? Make sure to fold these measurements into full length. The width should also be considered when choosing a fixture. If you want to enjoy the unobstructed view, make sure that the curtain rod is wide enough so that the curtain cloth can hang on the wall when it is opened.