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  • According to experience, Sofa fabric should avoid smaller patterns on larger parts, because doing so will not have any effect on the patterns. The pattern that emphasizes the geometric shape of the sofa is amazing in any space. Linear sofas and sleek sofas with geometric lines or stripes may look wider and taller. The round-edged sofa and soft stool can easily highlight its tribal and floral patterns and exude a sense of comfort and fashion at once.

    When choosing a style, not only the size of the sofa is important, but also the size of the room. Bold patterns are popular in large spaces, while micro patterns are suitable for small spaces. Or, if you like hybrid modes, you can start with the most complex modes and other modes while maintaining balance.

    You can use a large sofa with textured or plain fabric to expand your living space. Even if subtle, patterned sofas can hide accidental spills.

    Yifan sofa fabric supplier has a professional quality control team, laboratory, and all fabrics will be sent to customers after passing the test.